Do You Need and Attorney?

Chances are, yes. An attorney can come in very handy after an automobile accident. I have seen many accident victims become victims of the insurance system because they did not have an attorney. One of the major factors in determining if indeed you need an attorney is after you have been seen by a health care professional. If the health care professional does his or her job correctly, they will make sure that all of the necessary diagnostic tests are performed including a comprehensive physical examination, x-ray’s, MRI, nerve testing, ect. Once these tests have been performed, the health care professional can assist you in making the determination if an attorney is needed in the case. In some cases, even if all the objective diagnostic tests are negative, it is a good idea to retain an attorney just to protect yourself from a counter lawsuit or to ensure that you receive the full health care treatment without getting your benefits cut-off. If your no-fault auto insurance does get cut-off before your health care provider has determined that your need for care finished, an attorney can help make sure that your health care can continue even if you don’t have private health insurance. An attorney can set up a lien, which simply states that your health care coverage will be paid out of the settlement money that you receive from the case.

An attorney is also very beneficial if you miss any work due to the accident. Trying to collect lost disability wages without one is a tough task. And if you were permanently injured during the accident, an attorney is a must to set up all the necessary documentation for disability. So in effect, by retaining an attorney you will ensure that the insurance companies won’t take your case lightly and try to cut you off before you have achieved maximum physical improvement from your injuries. You will also protect yourself if the other party involved in the accident decides that they are going to sue you. It is also necessary if you missed any work due to the injury or feel that you want to apply for permanent disability, either partial or total. And most importantly, an attorney is needed if you want to receive compensation from the losses attained from the automobile accident. Usually when you contact an attorney, he or she will sit down and go over the case with you and tell you if you have a valid lawsuit.

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