As a public service, the Doctors of Universal Health & Rehabilitation will perform educational lectures to your group/organization.  These lectures are both informative and fun, and cover the hottest topics on the cutting edge of health care.  The focus of these lectures will be to examine alternative techniques that can be used to create a happier and healthier you.  The cost of these lectures is absolutely free, and they are a great way to help create a better working environment and healthier community.

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Each of the following 23 presentations are approximately one hour in duration

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Performance Nutrition

This presentation will include what nutritional program is best for athletic performance. The nutritional demands of the athlete are much different than sedentary individuals. They need to be able to maintain strong muscle and maximum energy to reach peak performance. We will discuss the differences between strength and endurance athletes and highlight the optimal dietary program. We will also talk about how certain foods can assist the body in injury repair and pain reduction. This lecture is a must for the athlete that wants more out of his performance.

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Some of latest researches in the field of clinical nutrition points out that certain foods are better for certain blood types. This amazing discovery might be able to give us an exact blueprint of what foods are best for us as individuals. The blood type variable is one of the most important differences in human beings. It not only determines our immune and digestive responses to certain foods, but it outlines our personalities and the way we handle stress best. This presentation is cutting edge, and the information is valuable for everyone.

Low Back and Neck Pain

80% of American Workers will suffer a back or neck injury that is bad enough for them to miss work. As a matter of fact, low back and neck pain is second to the common cold for days missed at work. This causes a tremendous financial strain on the workplace. In this presentation we will discuss some of the avoidable causes of spinal pain and the best ways to get the injured worker back to the job site. We will also talk about the importance of posture and workplace ergonomics, to help minimize repetitive stress problems. This lecture would benefit any group or organization that is interested in maintaining happy and healthy workers.

Cancer Prevention

Billions of dollars are being spent on cancer cures, yet the cancer rate in America continues to rise. Chemotherapy and radiation are the orthodox approach to treating cancer, but sometimes these “cures” can cause more harm than good. Alternative Medicine has uncovered natural and effective techniques to help cancer patients win their war against this disease. The therapeutic approaches discussed in this presentation are the perfect compliment to conventional cancer treatments, and may soon be the standard in cancer related treatments. The lecture will also focus upon preventative techniques that will give the body a fighting chance in the battle against cancer.

Antibiotic Alternatives

Every year, antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming more and more prevalent, and more and more a threat to our health. With antibiotics, we are losing the war against bacteria by not allowing the natural immune response to take place. This presentation will educate the listener on natural antibiotic alternatives, and effective nutritional supplementation programs to help your body overcome bacterial infections. We will also discuss the philosophy of the germ theory, and how the new age of thinking is that it is not the germ that causes disease, but the susceptibility of the body to that germ.

Mind-Body Connection

One of the hottest topics in health care is the power of the mind in the onset and elimination of disease. Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Anger all have direct negative effects on the body, and contribute to the progression of all disease processes. This presentation will discuss the scientific connection between your thoughts and your body’s chemistry, and why it is so important to be in the best state of mind possible. We will also talk about specific stress reducing techniques that can be applied immediately to help produce a harmonious mind-body connection.

Intestinal Health

Proper digestion and absorption is essential for good health. The fast paced diet of today wreaks havoc upon our intestinal function. Without good digestion, we cannot get the necessary nutrients from the food we eat, and run the risk of allowing foreign invaders into our blood stream. This presentation will highlight the most important factors involved in maintaining good intestinal health. It will also reveal some natural and effective treatments for indigestion, bloating, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, colitis and other intestinal disorders. The information presented is valuable to all.

Weight Loss Strategies

Every day a new fad diet hits the market promising to help you lose weight and fit back into your old jeans. Everywhere you go you see fat free foods and still our nation as a whole continues to get fatter and fatter. This presentation will look into some of the latest fat reducing diet plans, and help the listener determine which one is best for them individually. We will also discuss why some diets work for some people and not for others, and the importance of exercise in weight management. This lecture is a must for people who want real answers to weight loss and are ready to commit to a plan that really works.

Breast Cancer Causes and Treatments

Long Island has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the entire world, and is a problem that has hit close to home for too many people. The traditional treatment techniques are effective only if detected early, and the long-term prognosis of a breast cancer patient is still frightening. This presentation will uncover Alternative techniques in breast cancer treatment that are the perfect compliment to traditional medical programs. It will also discuss the difference between early detection and prevention, and how the best way to handle breast cancer is to never get it in the first place.

Acupuncture Today

This age-old treatment is receiving a lot of attention for its effectiveness in treating all kinds of disease processes. It is also one that is free of side effects, and helps restore harmony to the body so that it may function properly. This presentation will discuss the difference between Eastern and Western philosophies, and how Chinese Medicine is working its way to the forefront of health care today. The lecture will also explain the philosophy of how acupuncture works and introduce the concepts of Chi and Meridian Pathways.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Heart Disease continues to be the number one killer in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise. Most people can recite their cholesterol levels faster that there anniversary. Yet despite all of the awareness of cholesterol and heart disease, the death rate continues to climb. This presentation will uncover the real causes of heart disease, and the best ways to prevent it from happening to you. It will also discuss state of the art treatments that are safe and effective in the battle against heart disease. This lecture is a must for any person who has been diagnosed with a heart condition, or wants to maximize their chances of being heart disease free.

Muscle Building and Fat Loss

Everyone wants to feel better about his or her bodies, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by increasing the amount of muscle while reducing the amount of fat on your body. Bodybuilding is the craze in this country, with the focus on building a lean, muscular physique. This informative presentation will discuss the best dietary programs for achieving maximum muscularity and definition. The lecture will also highlight the best nutritional supplements on the market that can help you achieve the body that you always wanted.

Age and Longevity

As the baby boomer generation advances into middle age, more and more attention is being placed on techniques that help you to look and feel younger. New research in the field of longevity indicates that the aging process may actually be able to be reversed, and that next year you can be biologically younger than this year. This presentation will touch upon some of the cutting edge anti-aging techniques, and how to apply them to your life. Your golden years can be the most rewarding of your life, and this lecture will tell you how to make it happen.

Vaccination Safety

Mandatory vaccinations have caused quite a debate among the scientific community, and more research is being performed every day to determine the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. This presentations will give both sides of the vaccination argument, and enable the listener to make an informed choice on whether or not to make vaccinations part of their families health plan. The lecture will also educate on how to bypass mandatory vaccines through the proper legal channels, and raise many questions on the philosophy of vaccinations. It is a must for any new parent or grandparent that wants to examine all the choices and possibilities involving this controversial issue.

Attention Deficit Disorder

There is no issue that raises more emotion than those that involve the health and well being of our children. Today, more and more children are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, and being treated with mind altering drugs that have serious side effects and consequences. This presentation will discuss some of the natural alternatives to medicating our children, and outline a specific dietary and nutritional supplement program to help overcome this disorder. It will also emphasize the importance of physical exercise and conditioning as a regular part of our children’s life. This lecture is a must for anyone who has concerns about their child’s health and well being.

Western vs. Eastern Philosophy

Do germs cause disease or are their other factors involved? Can a medicine cure you, or does the healing come from a place that is already inside you? These questions and more will be explored as we look at both sides of the health care story. Traditional medical techniques are giving way to a new age of alternative wholistic therapies. Learn the basis of what wholistic health care means, and how it might be the standard in the future. This lecture will also discuss the concepts of innate intelligence, homeostasis, and the principles of good health. This thought provoking lecture is a must for anyone who is interested in understanding more about alternative therapies and what they can do for them.


The toxic burden that is placed on our bodies from the foods we eat wreaks havoc on the way our body can heal and overcome disease. The environment is also loaded with potential poisons that attack our immune systems and bring on the onset of illness. This presentation will discuss some of the powerful and effective detoxification techniques used to clean out your system and get your body working the way it is supposed to. It will also go through some of the preventative measures to make sure that you are not adding more toxins into your system. This lecture is a must for those who want to rid their bodies of harmful toxins and get a fresh start towards a healthy way of life.

Tai Chi and Qigong

In the East, Tai Chi and Qigong are part of a nationwide culture that helps people stay healthy and stress free. These exercise and meditative techniques invigorate the mind and the body and help to bring a feeling of peace to the soul. This presentation will discuss some of the science, philosophy and art of Tai Chi and Qigong, as well as go through the basic forms necessary to being your own programs at home. This form of meditative exercise is fantastic for geriatric individuals that cannot relate to the health clubs of today, yet still want to participate in a safe and effective exercise discipline.

Arthritis Cure and Prevention

It was always thought that arthritis was a degenerative condition that continued to get worse and worse until finally it left you crippled and in pain. Traditional medical therapies such as anti-inflammatory, steroid injections and painkillers treat only the symptoms of the condition, allowing the degeneration and arthritic processes to progress. These therapies often lead to joint replacement surgery and have numerous adverse side effects. This presentation will educate the listener on some of the promising natural alternatives to prescription drug therapy, and outline specific dietary and nutritional supplementation programs focused on preventing and reversing arthritis.

Syndrome X and Insulin Resistance

Blood sugar regulation has direct connections to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also plays a major role in our energy levels, thoughts, and emotions. The most important factor in blood sugar regulation is the ability of insulin to regulate the glucose levels in our bloodstream. This lecture will detail the causes of insulin resistance and help outline a dietary and nutritional supplementation program directed towards leveling out blood sugar and reversing adult onset diabetes and syndrome x. This presentation is a must for anyone with a history of diabetes or heart disease in their family.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress is something that we are all exposed to, yet some people know how to handle it better than others do. The stress response is necessary for our survival, but when we are in a constant state of stress, the results can be extremely damaging. This presentation will examine the stress response and how it can adversely effect our normal body function. It will also offer stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, present time consciousness neuro-linguistic programming and autosuggestion to turn you into a stress free individual.

Brain Fitness

Alzheimer’s Disease and Senile Dementia are some of the most feared conditions that effect the elderly. The symptoms of memory loss, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and despair could indicate that your brain chemistry is not what it should be. This presentation will highlight the importance of eating the right foods to ensure brain fitness. It will educate the listener on brain physiology and how it effects the entire body. It will also give you practical exercises that you can perform at home to help stimulate and maintain a healthy brain. This lecture is a must for anyone who wants to maximize their brainpower.

Rehabilitation of Injuries

Injuries happen when you least expect them, and the pain and disability they cause can impact your life in all areas. The primary concern of the injured party is finding out the best and fastest way to get back on their feet. This presentation will go through many of the common injuries involved in the workplace and on the athletic field, and outline specific rehabilitation programs to help speed up the recovery and prevent a chronic condition from developing. We will also provide useful home exercise routines that you can start using immediately to ensure a rapid and safe recovery.

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