Alternative Allergy Treatments Long Island

It seems that everyday a patient comes into my office complaining about allergies looking for an alternative allergy treatment on Long Island.  And now that the spring flowers and trees are in bloom, more and more people will suffer from seasonal allergies. Familiar symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing, coughing, itching, hives, rash, headache and fatigue effect so many of us, and it seems that every year the allergy problem is getting worse.

One of the major problems with allergies is that often times it is difficult to determine exactly what it is that causes the allergic response. For some people it is airborne allergens such as pollen, ragweed, molds, grass, smoke or perfumes. Others suffer from foods such as dairy products, gluten, corn, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives.

Is There a More Natural Approach to Allergy Relief?

And still more people might experience allergic reactions to detergents, pets, cosmetics, plastics and prescription medications. Basically, almost anything can elicit an allergic reaction in people who are susceptible. This makes diagnosing the cause of the allergy very difficult. Western medical techniques use various different methods to determine the cause of an allergy such as blood tests, skin testing, and rotation dieting. In the western philosophy, once the proposed allergen is recognized, avoidance of that allergen is recommended. Prescription medications are also available to control and alter the body’s hyperactive response to the allergen. This philosophy of avoidance and symptom control can be effective in helping people temporarily suppress their symptoms, but do
nothing to actually get to the cause of the allergic reaction when seeking Allergy Help Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Is There an Alternative Allergy Treatment for Long Island?

Various alternative therapies have emerged on the forefront of allergy treatments and are well described in the book, Allergy Relief, by Sylvia Goldfarb, Ph.D. These alternative therapies are focused on getting down to the cause of allergic reactions and ridding your body of the hypersensitivity reaction once and for all. Dr. Goldfarb points out that alternative therapies can be very effective in the battle against allergies, without the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs, not to mention giving up your favorite food because you have an allergic reaction to it.

Dietary modification should be at the backbone of every allergy treatment plan. You need to educate yourself on what foods are suitable for your blood type, and make every effort to avoid food that will cause an autoimmune reaction in your body. You must also make sure that your digestive tract is working at optimum levels since undigested food, if allowed to enter into your blood stream, can also trigger an allergic reaction. If you have a history of allergies, and are seeking Allergy Help in Suffolk County and Nassau County, try to avoid dairy products as well as processed meats. Enjoy more organic whole foods and drink as much water as possible. Water is the bodies best way to detoxify, and can help lower the toxic burden on your bodies cells, enabling it to function properly. Specific nutritional supplements can also be an aid in restoring harmony to the body. Quercitin is a bio-flavanoid that teams up with vitamin C to help control histamine release. Histamine is a neurotransmitter released from specialized cells to initiate the inflammatory reactions that accompany the allergic response. Bee Pollen can also be helpful to allergy sufferers, especially those who are susceptible to pollen. Bee pollen is a complete food that strengthens the immune system and acts like a homeopathic remedy by desensitizing the individual with allergies to pollen. In general, nutritional therapy is inexpensive, has no side effects, and benefit approximately 75 percent of the people who make the proper dietary modifications.

Another effective treatment technique in the war against allergies is visual imagery. This technique has helped cancer patients as well as allergy sufferers overcome their disease. To get an idea of how imagery works, try this simple exercise: Close your eyes and imagine an orange. Now pick it up and lightly scratch the skin, and sniff it. Now take a knife and cut the orange in half. Pick up one of the halves and squeeze the juice onto your tongue. You probably are salivating. This is an example of visual imagery. The same can hold true for negative images. If you think back to a time in your life when you were really scared or in an emergency situation, your heart rate will probably increase, muscles tense up and breathing become more shallow. It is important to realize the effect our thoughts have on our physiology. It has been documented that the power of suggestion alone can cause an allergic reaction. For instance, people with hay fever can see a goldenrod blowing in the wind on television and immediately begin to find their noses starting to run and heads becoming stuffed up. There was also one documented case where a patient had a severe allergy to roses, and had a major attack just by having a fake rose placed near them. Conversely, by thinking positive thoughts, you can reprogram your mind and body to react positively to substances that used to cause an allergic reaction. Next time you experience allergy symptoms picture your body perfectly healthy, and all congestion and inflamed tissue returning to its natural state. The clearer you can maintain that image, the more effective this type of treatment will be. There are various other treatment options to choose from to help your body overcome allergies. Specific detoxification programs, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and aromatherapy to name just a few. But none has received more interest than the Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

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